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Free casino chips and honest online casinos

by Jace Lyla

An understanding of the relevance of free casino chips should be placed in its appropriate context: free flea offers came from honest online casinos?

The first online casinos opened 10 years ago. There are now hundreds that can be found online. Estimates vary from the number of people who play online, but recent estimates suggest that a figure of about seven million people would not be too far away. Taking into account, and with an additional estimate of more than $ 12 billion devoted to online casinos only (not including physical land casinos), free casino chip offers can be considerably considered a drop of drop of the ocean.

Add to this question whether these free chips are offered by honest online casinos and we enter an area of ​​a serious study or research.

First of all, consider that these free casino chips are really worth the value of the individual online casino player. Free casino chips are four main types:

No deposit bonus. This is simply free money. Honest online casinos will offer free casino chips without strings attached simply to attract people to play their virtual tables. There will sometimes be minor chains attached. For example, the casino can request credit card details in advance. Always read the terms.

Corresponding deposit bonus. This is where the house will match your deposit. Often, this is done in multiple. For example, a 200% bonus will mean that if you were to drop $ 100, the casino added $ 200 in free casino chips to your account. Beautiful! Especially useful for new players who start.

Infable bonus. It’s the bonus called “sticky”. This can never be cashed, but its usefulness lies in this fact that it remains on your account and allows you to use the bonus account on the higher bets of “lever”. These free casino chips remain latent in your account simply to allow you to do things that you could not.

Loyalty bonus. That’s exactly like that sounds. All honest and offline online casinos also, you want to keep their good return customers and offer loyalty bonuses, including free casino chips.

Remember that online casinos can afford to do so because they simply do not have the overheads that their terrestrial brick and mortar counterparts. Similarly, there is no excuse for an online casino do not be honest for exactly the same reason. They can offer free casino chips and be an honest online casino in circumstances where their physical equivalents would find the financial burden impossible.

So, how can we identify who are honest online casinos and are not? Well, many things have changed since the first online casinos settled in their offshore sites in 1996. The self-regulation (at best doubtful) has led to an accreditation of organs such as ECOGRA (online commerce online gaming payment and insurance). Examine evidence of good customer service, positive comments from members of the online casino forum and decent telephone support facilities. The most honest online casinos will offer (will boast actively) a 24-hour chat and live electronic assistance as well as toll-free telephone help. Does it have a mailing list that you can join to stay in touch with the latest tournaments and special offers? Trust lies at the heart of any subscription process (or people would not subscribe) so that in itself is a good indicator of an honest online casino.

The transparency of accounting systems is another good indicator of honest online casinos. When testimonials are published, make sure it comes from more than one set of initials and make sure they have a state or country. Free casino chips can be “virtual” in the concept, but they are used by real people!

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