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Playing the Best Bitcoin Casino Games

by Jace Lyla

Mode of payment holds huge importance for any industry. The rising popularity of decentralized finance has brought even more emphasis to this factor. In the past, it was only a matter of drawing comparisons between PayPal and Payoneer, Visa and Mastercards. The rise of Bitcoin has ushered enlightenment that the aforementioned were all the same. As GameFi users we deserve better. When choosing a casino, the mode of payment is as important as any other gambling feature.

Traditionally, we chose payment methods on the basis of convenience and security. Today an additional layer is significant – people want convenience, security, privacy and anonymity. Bitcoin offers that and this is why the best Bitcoin Casino games are winning in 2022.

Playing virtual casino games is rewarding but players have faced the constraints of tight regulations around gambling. These rules have often raised barriers to entry into casinos and games. Bitcoin gambling platforms are offsetting the inconvenience of traditional casino sites effortlessly. The good news with Bitcoin and decentralization is you can gamble anonymously. This guide will show you some of the best Bitcoin casino games to play in 2022:

The Best Bitcoin Casino Games on RocketPot

RocketPot is the best Bitcoin casino offering a wide selection of games, generous bonus packages and a beginner-friendly interface. The selection of games has passed the 4,000 levels are sourced from over 56 reputable gaming providers.

The gaming site prides itself on its diverse community, a huge welcome bonus in ETH and security features. RocketPot has undergone auditing, which ascertains its security features. Users can also lock their accounts with a Google 2-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised logins.

Furthermore, the platform has made it easy to gamble on the go through its robust IOS and Android versions. You can also access it on your desktop through the browser version. All of these versions are built with the latest UI and UX principles to ensure smooth navigation.

Anonymity is one feature that separates the best casino from the good casino. Also, the best way to play Bitcoin casino online in 2022 is to enjoy a private gaming experience. RocketPot provides full anonymity because the gaming experience takes place on the blockchain. You will fill in KYC and AML, but all these are safety mechanisms to protect your funds. Here are the top 5 best bitcoin casino games to play on the platform.

1. Live Blackjack A

The Live BlackJack game takes place at a classic Blackjack table. The deck features 52 cards. The system determines a winner when a player accumulates higher points than the live dealer. Live BlackJack A has a total of 21 points and they should not be exceeded.


This game maintains the standard format the roulette. The game features a single-zero containing a simple mega multiplier. Each spins from 1 to 5 multipliers between the range of 50 to 500. The system uses the spins to randomly select straight-up bets. Thereby raising the chances of winning the game.

3. Infinite BlackJack

Nearly similar to the Live BlackJack A only that this one offers an infinite number of seats. Therefore, an unlimited number of players could choose to sit and play without the need of waiting for a vacant spot. All players are equal in this game and the system deals each one the same hand. The gamer can then play the dealt hand as much as they want just like with the regular BlackJack.

4. Football Studio

Football Studio offers three game options. The game allows players to make bets between Home, Draw or Away. A player’s role is to make correct predictions on one of two cards they are dealt with. One of the cards usually has a high value than the other one.


AutoRoulette is a European roulette with a quick-paced action environment. The wheel spins at a notable speed and has the capability of reproducing more games within a short time.

How do you benefit from playing the best Bitcoin Casino Games on RocketPot?

  1. A wide selection of games with excellent features – You can choose from over 4,000 games curated by 56 providers.
  2. A thriving community – Playing your best casino games on RocketPot unlocks an active community of interactive and supportive members.
  3. Reputable platform – RockepPot is reputable and has undergone proper quality auditing. Furthermore, the casino platform received a license from the Curacao gaming authority back in 2019. Hence it’s fully authorized to operate.
  4. Support for multiple currencies – The platform supports both fiat and crypto. You can deposit and receive payouts in BTC, LTC, BNB, NEO, ETH e.t.c.
  5. Google authentication – Logins require one to uniquely identify themselves through the 2factor authentication application from Google.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Bitcoin casino

  1. Deposit and payout terms – Look at the supported payment methods and the speed of transactions. Also, consider how long it takes for the platform to process a payout.
  2. Customer service – Take into consideration a responsive and always helpful support team that is live 24/7. No one wants to wait a week before their support ticket is attended to.
  3. Bonuses and rewards – Evaluate each reward keenly and ascertain you are getting a fair share.RocketPot for instance has a 2X matching bonus for a 1 BTC deposit.
  4. Security features Consider the security features available on a site to ascertain whether your funds will be safe. Do they have 2-factor authentication? Is the gambling site regulated and has it been properly audited? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself before settling on the best Bitcoin Casino.

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